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Bencini Threetan & Technology: shatterproof tumblers for all occasions

Based on extensive studies of the best materials available and lab testing of transparency, shatter resistance, and resistance to dishwasher cycles, Bencini has launched a new line of shatterproof tumblers that feature an elegantly modern design and are suited for all situations. This range of drinkware is so incredible, they’re certain to satisfy your needs. Bencini Threetan & Technology tumblers are more durable, more resistant and safer than common plastic or polycarbonate cups. They are also more environmentally friendly than disposables. A top quality product on the market. How is all this possible? Because they aren’t your ordinary hard-plastic cup. Bencini Threetan & Technology tumblers are made entirely of Tritan, a special new co-polyester material that is entirely BPA and phthalate-free. The benefits of our Tritan drinkware are too many to count and include the transparency, shine and feel of glass and excellent resistance to falls, dishwasher cycles, and other stresses. And when they have reached the end of their useful lives, these tumblers can be recycled and reused for new products in a range of industries.

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The natural evolution of the company founded by Marco Bencini in 2016, Bencini Group today is an organization based in Verona that provides quality solutions in a range of fields. Backed by 30 years of experience in marketing and sales, Marco Bencini has developed a substantial baggage of know-how that is supported by a strong sales network and a careful selection of suppliers. This has enabled our high-quality enterprise to grow and to diversify while remaining faithful to the values that have made the company great, and namely: quality in products and services, customer satisfaction, skill and professionalism.

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