For your catering events, try Bencini Threetan & Technology drinkware

For weddings receptions and all other catered events, you need a whole lot of drinkware to serve all your guests throughout the day or evening, so care needs to be taken to pick the right solution. For some occasions, you can serve your guests with traditional glassware, but as the number of guests increase, you may need to avoid glass for reasons of safety. You certainly won’t want to use disposable cups, as these can be costly and will result in waste and pollution. In recent years, some have been turning to polycarbonate or polypropylene cups, but you still can’t always be sure that they’re safe. These types of cups also deteriorate quickly in the dishwasher and aren’t particularly pleasing to the touch, as you can tell that they’re made of plastic. At Bencini, we have launched a brand new line of shatterproof drinkware for professional caterers made entirely of Tritan, an innovative material that is entirely BPA-free for tumblers that are durable, transparent, and pleasing to the touch. They can also be washed in the dishwasher without worry for more than 500 cycles. See for yourself. And for truly special occasions, check out our line of colorful tumblers!